A solid brand strategy is needed as a foundation for successful marketing, delivery, and service.

Today’s economic climate doesn’t allow for trial-and-error or steep learning curves. Market research, competitive analysis, and strategic planning help test assumptions and prove out ideas before a single production dollar is spent. We understand how the customer experience drives business results, and how to get the greatest possible return on the marketing dollar to achieve awareness, engagement, and transaction. The acquisition of customers and market share depends on more than just great products or an aggressive sales effort. A solid brand strategy is needed as a foundation for successful marketing, delivery, and service.

Make Your Brand a Business Asset

Brand Building is Business Building

Brand strategy sets goals and objectives; establishes a clear path forward, and provides a measurable path for effective – and profitable – customer experience.

Just like product development, the critical functions of brand creation include research, testing, and feedback. And just like any other business operations process, successful branding is built using requirements and specifications.

If you don’t control the character of your brand, the market will do it for you. Conclusions will be drawn about you from whatever information is available:

  • packaging, marketing collateral, advertising
  • industry reports, trade press, peer reviews
  • sales and service reps, word-of-mouth, social media

The more you exert deliberate, strategic control over your brand, the more market value you create.

The goal is not simply to design appealing or effective marketing communications, but to

  • Get internal consensus on your value proposition;
  • Execute all corporate communications with a unified voice;
  • Deploy marketing with focus, clarity, singularity and strength; and
  • Increase awareness, consideration, and favorable contrast.

We Build Brands and Marketing Plans

In the age of information and consumer control, our choices for reach and engagement have diversified almost beyond measure. SEO, SEM, banner ads, email, social sharing, video, coupons, sponsorships, blogging, webinars, apps, mobile – options are great, but they present significant challenges, too.

  • What will be most effective?
  • How do we break through the clutter?
  • How does messaging trigger action?
  • How does interest become transaction?

From identity design to communications and media, the challenges associated with positioning clarity, message accuracy, and brand consistency only increase as information channels diversify and customer control expands.

Based on solid research, brand intelligence, and creative insight, we conceive and articulate brand and marketing strategies that serve as detailed roadmaps for powerful communications and optimal customer experience.

We then design a range of identity elements and communication components to properly and effectively position the brand in the marketplace to

  • generate awareness and consideration,
  • establish a favorable contrast, and
  • facilitate customer transaction and loyalty.
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