• The Top Reasons Family Businesses Fail & Building Blocks for Creating a SUSTAINABLE Closely Held Business: help business owners and their families understand potential pitfalls and most importantly offer practical “how to” advice on turning their companies and their lives around to have more success, harmony, and happiness.
  • Moving Your Business A Generation Ahead: We discuss the crucial importance of and barriers to succession planning. Feature a multi step success strategy for family business succession planning.
  • Prescriptions For a Healthy Family Business: How to create the most effective family business and promote sustainability using professional vs. entrepreneurial strategies.
  • How to Resolve and Reduce Conflict in the Family Business: Get the most out of your business by constructively resolving conflict with your family and non-family employees.
  • What Hollywood Can Teach Us About Family and Closely-Held Business: The unique challenges that family businesses share are often depicted in Hollywood films. This unique session uses clips from popular movies featuring the Corleone, Cavanaugh, and Larrabee families to shed light on common issues facing family and closely held businesses.
  • Win the War For Talent: Get the RIGHT PEOPLE on board and the WRONG PEOPLE off! One of the toughest subject for a family run organization, your company’s future success is constrained by how many talented people you have working with you. Learn how to properly evaluate your talent, the hiring and firing mistakes people make the most, and how to implement best practices to ensure harmony and success going forward.
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