Executives today are caught in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. Whether their focus is on bottom-line results, cost reductions, globalization, IT or environmental issues. The pressures are immense. Whole-life issues abound. Today’s executives are dealing with the erosion of employee and public trust, the loss of valuable intellectual capital, and all the while are expected to do more with less. In the midst of all this, they are also expected to be proactive in developing their abilities and to develop the people around them.

Personality Profiling

The more you understand people, the more effective you will be with your customers, co-workers, peers and supervisors. People tend to discount others, thinking them unreasonable or difficult, when they are simply unable to manage a behavioral style different than their own.

Conversely, people tend to trust and be influenced most by someone who is behaviorally similar to themselves; they find comfort in reflection. When interacting with others, adapting our own communication to match their style will allow for greater influence and rapport.

Time Management

You can’t manage time; you can only manage your schedule and how you use it. Time management is driven by your priorities, your vision, and your mission.

We will give you proven, time-tested, but non-traditional ways to deal with stretched schedules, having to do more with less, and where to focus your energy and resources. We’ll introduce the principles of ‘meeting management’, balance, and help you use time to improve your performance along with pipeline management and ultimately top and bottom line profit.

Achieving Goals & Problem Solving

Alice in Wonderland gives us a great analogy for goals. After Alice shrinks and falls into the hole, she wanders around, encountering all kinds of strange things. She spots the Cheshire Cat in the tree above the crossroads.

Alice asks the cat, “Can you tell me which way to go?” The cat replies, “Where are you going my dear?” Alice says, “I don’t know.” The Cheshire Cat eloquently responds, “Then any road will take you there.”

What are the seven ingredients to High Performance and Personal Responsibility? We’ll help you find the answers. Get more out of your staff by setting stronger goals, and you’ll be able to identify and leverage your goal setters and problem solvers. We’ll provide a specific formula for setting goals and managing projects.


Communication is the key to solving most of the world’s problems.

We’ll work together and direct the fundamentals toward breaking down communication barriers. We’ll help you identify the games that people play, and coach you on “how to keep the children at home.” You’ll discover how to define which ego styles are driving others’ behavior, and predict with accuracy how to avoid problems before they get out of control.

All great leaders have one thing in common: They are master communicators!

Talent Management

Inheriting a team is a lot like being blindly dealt a hand of cards and then being expected to win immediately. What does the talent hand you’ve been dealt look like and what’s your move?

We will take you through the employment lifeline. From best practices for hiring through employee development, and finally to termination do’s and don’ts.

We often survey employees and ask what they need to do to get an A on their proverbial Report Card. Then we ask the same of their managers. The delta in what we find is vast. We will help you learn a variety of systems and formulas to deal with problem employees, and how to help them make the grade along with an organized approach to the dreaded ‘employee evaluation’. A team’s performance is a reflection of the team leader!

Motivational Success

Fear, anger, pleasure, money, time off, competition, and recognition are just a few of the more common motivators. We will work together, helping you understand how to stay out of the trap. Even a Ferrari will only go so far until you have to give it fuel and a tune up.

Motivation is such an overused and misused word in the world of management. We will provide you with a blueprint for your motivational process. We’ll give you insights and a system to consistently produce champions. Not everyone is motivated by money.

You’ll learn how to motivate without dollars and build a high performing machine without treating people like machines. We’ll introduce you to 12 Fundamental Keys to motivating employees.

The Team Dynamic

You’ve heard the old saying, “There is no ‘I’ in team.”

We will give you a variety of TEAM principles, from building loyalty to aiming your team in the right direction. How to define team success and failure is critical to any team’s mission. You’ll learn what to do when your team gets ‘stuck’, different types of teams, and about compensation for the team.

Together, everyone achieves more.


Delegation is a fantastic concept rarely applied correctly! We will introduce you to the levels of initiative and how to move people in the right direction to accept personal responsibility. You’ll learn the core step to effective delegation, as well as what you should and what you shouldn’t delegate. Also, we’ll help you identify the barriers that may be in the way to effective delegation.

As a business leader you should be working on one of four general things: 1) Increase Revenue, 2) Decrease Expenses, 3) Preventative Maintenance, or 4) Increasing market share. If what you are doing at any given moment does not fall into one of these four things, you should delegate it.

Stress Management

Defining the types of stress and understanding the causes can have a herculean impact in coping with it. We will learn the cycle of stress and how to make it work in your favor. While some may never be completely stress-free, we will give you a variety of ways to manage the stress of others and your own.

In his book, “The Mind Body Connection,” Dr. John E. Sarno declares that all health problems stem from repressed stress. From the common cold to damaged vertebra, repressed stress will negatively impact you and will manifest itself in your weakest point. Work with us and let’s manage your stress.


During our work together we will explore why some people win the negotiation game on a consistent basis and why others are defeated; and why those that are defeated on a consistent basis make substantially larger concessions than necessary while champions of negotiation do not.

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