A common question we get asked is, “why is it so hard to find and keep great sales people?” One reason is that people in sales are often recruited, processed and on-boarded in the same way as other disciplines and functions. Because salespeople typically interview well, know how to work a room, and handle tough questions comfortably, the selection process – as well as the day-to-day managing of these unique individuals – requires a special approach. The reality is that salespeople are a different breed, and leadership needs to manage them as such, right from the beginning.

Get the Right People Using the Best Practices for the Big Payoffs

Finding, Hiring & Retaining Top Talent

Have you ever hired someone in sales who you were convinced was a superstar only to see them struggle and fail?

Past success does not guarantee future performance. Our work emphasizes finding and retaining the “right” people vs. the “best” people. While seemingly a subtle difference, choosing incorrectly will expose you to considerable loss in revenue and market share.

We have the ability to eliminate the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (managers & VP’s, too). You won’t have to wait six months or a year to learn whether a candidate will succeed. We know what makes a salesperson successful, and when we marry our criteria to the unique DNA of your business, we are able to recommend – with 95% accuracy – candidates who will achieve great success selling for your company. Our results are measurable, accountable and fast.

Your Current Staff

Do you know what the DNA of a successful sales person in your company is? Do you know what makes a successful sales leader for your company? What impact is leadership having on the overall selling effort?

Is “Sales” as a functional group aligned to your overall objectives, expectations and culture in order to grow the business? What is your sales team comprised of; hunters, farmers, account managers, ambassadors and is this mix optimal for achieving your goals for growth?

These are just a few of the questions we can address in our work “unlocking the black box” with sales providing us insight to determine what immediate and long term steps might be needed.

Pipeline Management

What is the quality of your pipeline and how much of it do you discredit because of “salesperson bloat”? Would a more accurate pipeline provide you the ability to sharpen other functions like Operations, Procurement, Finance and more? Does your CRM provide you real-time, accurate data so leadership can navigate selling activity and get a better sense of your pipeline’s real value?

A healthy pipeline begins with the premise of “quality in – quality out.” We will work with you and your team to develop processes and hold everyone accountable, ultimately building and sustaining an accurate, healthy pipeline.

Coaching Over Training

What does your sales team need to learn in order to achieve/meet/exceed company expectations? Instead of 20% of the team bringing in 80% of the revenue, what would you business look and feel like if there was more balance?

How much of your annual revenue is coming from “new” business? Are there gaps between your expectations and those of your VP, managers, sales team? What percentage of your sales team (and managers) are meeting quota?

With more than 20 years of experience coaching and mentoring inside and outside sales, sales management, new business development, we can help your team and organization to positively impact the top line (revenue) and increase the bottom line (margin) increasing your close ratio and lowering your cost per proposal.

Teaming with Support

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of how important it is to win new and retain existing clients. When considered, it is easy to recognize why client retention is one of the keys to business success.

Functions like Marketing, Customer Service, Estimating, Engineering, Design, Project Management, Accounting and more touch our clients every day and are often intimately involved in the preparation of proposals, pricing and the “sell” without holding the accountability card the sales person or sales leader has.

It’s common to witness a significant disconnect within this dynamic. Sometimes it requires only a simple fix to get everyone working from the same playbook. This “hot spot” can be the primary catalyst to increased velocity, higher close ratios, and more robust margin capture, whereas ignoring it can be catastrophic.

Together, we will define what high performance client service looks like and we identify the basic expectations from your customers’ point of view. We’ll also give you tools and examples of how to exceed the basic expectations and will provide a formula for how to recognize the breakdowns before they occur.

Sales Compensation

Sales compensation is often times a slippery slope. When done right, it can motivate your sales staff to perform optimally and succeed. When it’s not, the results can be equally sabotaging to your business and their efforts. Let’s develop a winning sales compensation program for your company that will increase motivation and increase results.

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