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Meet John Garofalo

A performance and growth expert with a passion for presenting inspiring ideas and skills, John brings an entire career of successful team initiatives to business-building events. Learn more about him.

Experience and Dedication Aligned with Your Goals.

Achievement Index is a hybrid of catalyst, coach & advisor. Our work is about developing positive change in thinking, behavior and culture by individuals, teams and organizations that lead to next-level outcomes.

We work with presidents, CEO’s, owners and teams who are passionate about making their organization and people Number One, but who are challenged in their ability to break from the day-to-day, get out of the proverbial weeds, and facilitate change with consistency, efficiency, and reliability.

What would your organization look like if you had a sustainable, straightforward framework to run faster, grow bigger, and win more customers and market share?

Raise Your Game

John takes pride in working closely with you to meet the unique needs of your organization. Because every event is unique, we assist you in finding the perfect topic and theme – and still stay within your budget.

Meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations are our main focus. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or are just looking for ideas, John and his team will work with you to understand your audience. Then, based on your requirements, we’ll promptly offer ideas and suggestions for program topics.

Program Guide

Seminars, Events & Services

Leadership & Management Development

Executives today are in times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. We’ll get your top people delivering on 10 critical factors for high performance.

Culture & Team Building

Combine a clearly-defined culture with collaborative practices, and achieve goals with a workforce that is well-informed, motivated, loyal and productive.

Selling & Sales Management

Salespeople are a different breed, and leadership needs to manage them accordingly. We’ll help you get the right people using the best practices for the big payoffs.

Dynamics of the Family Business

We help you get the most out of your business by helping you examine and resolve the unique challenges that family businesses share.