Performance Expertise

John has more than 25 years experience developing initiatives to build business faster and more profitably. He has extensive experience working closely with senior executives, coaching for performance optimization by aligning individual initiative, job function, and company vision. John has a consistent record of growing sales revenues, maximizing margins, and reducing operating costs for companies across 5 continents in a variety of industries including energy, construction, engineering, insurance, financial services, and consumer products.

True ownership of new attitudes, techniques and behaviors takes more than training or a motivational event. It takes ongoing reinforcement through interactive coaching, and a sustained commitment from senior leadership. That’s how true competitors break from the pack and win.

John’s Bio

With a check-your-ego-at-the-door mentality while being a tireless road warrior and coach, John has been blessed to work alongside some fantastic mentors and strongly believes in paying it forward. A skillful builder of internal and external partnerships based on customer focus, business acumen, and trust with a proven ability to drive YOY revenue, profit and growth, these philosophies among others have brought success to his organizations, teams, community, and family.

John is a critical thinker and problem solver prepared to challenge the status quo, adapt and thrive from others and an expert in recruiting, developing and retaining top talent.