We often see organizations struggle to connect the values of their corporate culture with the bottom line. But the fact is, performance-oriented cultures have been shown to possess statistically better financial growth. Such cultures possess high employee involvement, strong internal communications, and an acceptance and encouragement of a healthy level of risk-taking in order to achieve innovation. When you combine a clearly defined culture with collaborative practices, your are better able to achieve goals with a workforce that is well-informed, motivated, loyal and productive.

Your Culture is Either Helping or Hurting

(It’s not a Neutral Factor.)

Culture Matters

Internal culture is like external brand. If you don’t govern it, it’ll happen anyway – without your involvement and out of your control. Culture, like brand, can have enormous influence over the nature of relationships – between the organization and its people, and between people within the organization.

Mission critical factors like communication, innovation, efficiency and productivity are all tethered to corporate culture and team dynamics. The cornerstone of most success and failure, and the single greatest yet most elusive element to everything you are and do, is your culture.

Teamwork Works

Using a collaborative process that insures participation and buy-in from stakeholders and key influencers, Achievement Index not only helps you answer vital culture questions, we help you implement the corporate communications and team activities needed to facilitate adoption and course correction.

Together, we will define what is important now and in the long term, and determine the systemic barriers – internal, external and imaginary – to success. We will help you balance the tensions and conflicts that challenge your progress, and establish a sustainable cultural foundation.

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